Secret Underground Hideout

Scott, Gark & Bill host a podcast every other Monday to discuss a topic relating to the pop culture spectrum of their youth.


During our podcasts you may suddenly hear “Bigarkasm!” after someone has flubbed a word or sentence as a way to call them out for it.

BiGarkasms (a combination of Bill & Gark’s names, who originated it) are things said or done by a person but whatever is being said either sounds funny or comes out a completely f’d up way that is ALSO funny.


I asked my wife’s mom where I should throw some trash away and she replied, “in the refrigerator.”

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Episode 3: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

The topic: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom A beginning to end discussion about the somewhat violent prequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark. Will we ever get...

Episode 2: Raiders of the Lost Ark

The topic: Raiders of the Lost Ark A run through of the 1981 cinema classic, a favorite of everyone on the show.

Episode 1: The Horror!

The topic: Movies and television programs that terrified, horrified or mentally scarred us as children. There are definitely some incorrect facts thrown about (the first PG-13 movie was Red Dawn...

Episode 4: Cereal

The topic: Cereal and a brief salute to the late Gene Wilder A discussion about cereals we loved growing up (and some we never tried but wanted to). But first,...