Godzilla King of Monsters landing Monsterous opening weekend!

Godzilla King of Monsters, the third movie in the rebooted franchise is stomping it's way towards a $50million weekend opening per BoxofficeMojo!  The Kaiju movie of the year is currently sitting at a 39% TomotoMeter and a 88% Audience Score at Rotten Tomatoes.  I had the chance to see this flick opening day and this is a masterpiece for any fan of the big moster movies with some great callbacks to the original films.  The fight scenes are massive and don't leave you wanting more unlike the 2014 release. Those of you with a keen eye can figure out where the movies are going by watching the quick passing newsletter headlines during the credits.

This movie has heart, you understand the emotion of the key titans and feel for these gods of monsters.

One hint - stay tuned until AFTER the credits for a bonus scene.

Godzilla King of Monsters
Fan Service
Kaiju Battles
Big Monster Battles
The Good

Big Monsters battling and destroying stuff, what more could you ask for from a Godzilla movie?

The Bad

The Bad - Left me wanting more.  Some people complain about the "Humans" but they gave a decent story and lead the film properly.

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