Secret Underground Hideout

Episode 64: Robocop

The future of cyborg police is discussed with a look back at Robocop. Special guests this week include Kevin Crook and Edward Payson (aka An Anti Hero Production).

Power Hour #1

Since Secret Underground Hideout is bi-weekly, Bill decided to fill the off-weeks with an uninterrupted hour of his favorite music growing up. It is the Secret Underground Hideout Power Hour. The first episode is part one of Bill’s favorite 80s music. Enjoy!

Episode 63: Toys Part II

The long and grueling journey through the land of childhood toys continues this week. Guest Kevin Crook sometimes talks as well. We finish up our top lists and talk about this and that. Honestly, I think we may have actually stayed mostly on topic this time around.

Episode 62: Toys

A look back at toys we played with as children. Guest Kevin Crook adds nothing to the discussion as usual.

Episode 61: Books

This week we tackle to subject of books we enjoyed as children. How nobody named “Everybody Poops” is pretty amazing. Some good titles were thrown around though!

Special guests this week: Michael Spada III, Gentleman Mark McKay and the always entertaining Just Dave.

Episode 60: Back to the Future

This week we discuss the P-p-power of love (and the rest of the movie Back to the Future). Guests Mark and Just Dave join in. Will Gark continue to try Family Guy references? Tune in and find out.

Episode Fart: Yes, Just the Farts

Because nobody demanded it: To end the year on a brown note, Gark and Bill have edited together a fond lookback at their terrible farting through past shows. Enjoy (?) a 20 minute excursion into the horror that recording with them is.

Episode 59: Christmas Vacation

Just in time for the holiday, it’s National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Poor Randy Quaid, what the Hell happened? We are joined this week by Mike Neel and Michael Spada.

Episode 58: Sesame Street

The childhood classic gets remembered. How long does it take before Gark confuses Sesame Street with the Muppet Show? If you guessed 36 seconds, including the show opening, you win!

Special guests Mike Neel (of Drive-In Horror Show) and Mr. Spada join us to discuss the pinball machine, painter, Mr. Hooper and the clown who takes off his makeup.

A few things discussed:
Red Ball
A Clown’s Face
I Want to Hold Your Ear

Episode 57: Twilight Zone: The Movie

This week, we return again to the Twilight Zone, tackling the 1983 film which contains four “episodes”. Is this version of “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” better than the show version? “Yes, absolutely!” says Scott and he’s 100% correct. OK, this is Scott writing this right now, but still, I’m right! Lithgow beats Shatner, it’s not really a contest. Anyways, tune in if you want to hear us talk about the flick. Once again we are joined by special guest Mike Neel of Drive-In Horror Show, 

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