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EP 115 – “(Not So) True Norweigen Black Metal”

Guitarist Wanted:  Our lead guitarist is no longer available so we are looking for the following – must live at home with parents, reinvent the riff, have long hair and an appreciation for animals and all things evil.

Along with a knowledge of the touring life style- you must know the locations of every church in the area as well as how to wire IED’s and how to start a proper fire. Talent is not a necessity, but we do require that you have your own sword and bladed weapon collection as well as your own black robe and grease paint. No posers allowed! Unless your parents have money we can borrow.. Accent expected but not a deal breaker…

Tonight we’re coming back from break and stepping into the black circle with 2018’s horror/thriller/true crime/band biopic LORDS OF CHAOS! Hail Satan Bitches!


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