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That Strange Show – Episode 095 – Where’d the Wolf Go?

The mother/daughter relationship is a special one. Its full of laughter, tears, hugs & kisses, mani/pedis, talk of boys, makeup, screaming fuck you at each other at the top of their lungs, and cleaning up mom’s empties as she tries to figure out where her random bar hook up ran off to. Sometimes, its better to just pack your shit and head for dads. Tonight we find out yet another reason why you should stick to the main roads in 2016’s THE MONSTER. Your mother was wrong… Monsters are real, but who is the real monster? We are joined by our friends Kevin from The Dorkening/Wicked Horror Show and Alex Hoey to help us find out! – Dig what we do? Find us entertaining? Hit the Subscribe button. Leave a review. Tell your friends. – Find us on IG @thatstrangeshow | | |

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