Month: April 2018

That Strange Show – Episode 062 – Jungle Jollies & Turtle Soup

Here we are at the edge of the world of human history. Things like this happen all the time in the jungle; it’s survival of the fittest! In the jungle, it’s the daily violence of the strong overcoming the weak.. but i think we really screwed ourselves this time, trying to, trying to stay here for this episode. I don’t even know where we are now, but I know, they… I know they, uh, followed us, and, and we lost everything trying to escape. We’re screwed! We’re trapped! Click the link to get a little taste. This week we’re talking Cannibal Holocaust with Donald Donovan from Room 237 who joined us as a guest host! Stay Strange! Dig what we do? Find us entertaining? Hit the Subscribe button. Leave a review. Tell your friends. Find us on IG @thatstrangeshow | | – Support our Friends. Tell ’em we sent ya!

Wicked Horror Show Presents Jamie Bernadette & Leah McKendrick

Jamie Bernadette talking 4/20 Massacre & Leah Mckendrick talking M.F.A.

Tonight we talk with Jamie Bernadette & Leah McKendrick about their new movie 4/20 Massacre available NOW on VOD & DVD! Deadly Grounds Coffee “Its good to get a little Deadly”

Make a date with death this April.

Suspense, smoke and spine-tingling chills are on the menu when horror icon Jamie Bernadette and Justine Wachsberger, star of the Divergent series, face a 4/20 Massacre.

Premiering on VOD and DVD 4/3 from Film Chest, the first-ever “stoner slasher” movie pits today’s hottest young stars against cinema’s next iconic movie monster in a frightening and funny comedy-thriller released just in time for the “The Official Holiday” for weed enthusiasts.

From writer/director Dylan Reynolds comes the story of five women who go camping in the woods to celebrate a friend’s birthday over the 4/20 weekend. But when they cross the turf of an illegal marijuana growing operation they must struggle to survive the living nightmare.

Jamie Bernadette (I Spit on Your Grave: Déjà Vu, Killing Joan), Vanessa Rose Parker (Samurai Cop 2), Justine Wachsberger (Divergent), Stacey Danger (‘’Jean-Claude Van Johnson’’), Marissa Pistone (Raze), Jim Storm (Dark Shadows), Mark Schroeder (‘’Pretty Little Liars’’) Jim Round, Drew Talbert and James Gregory star in a Dylan Reynolds film.

Inhale. Exhale. Scream. 4/20 Massacre premieres this April.

M.F.A. An art student taps into a rich source of creative inspiration after the accidental slaughter of her rapist. An unlikely vigilante emerges, set out to avenge college girls whose attackers walked free.

Leah McKendrick is an actress/singer/filmmaker that got her start in musical theatre in San Francisco. She was raised by a Nicaraguan mother and Irish/Scottish father. She began writing and producing in her teen years and performed live throughout the Bay Area before moving south to study Theatre at Chapman University. She was signed to the pop record label, Monarch, in 2010. She went on to create and star in the critically acclaimed musical series, Destroy the Alpha Gammas, which made her a Webby Award Honoree and a Streamy Award Nominee. In 2014 she formed Villainess Productions, aimed at creating content featuring women in diverse and compelling roles. Her films have screened throughout the world at festivals such as SXSW, Sitges, Busan International and Fantasia.

Episode 41: The Neverending Story

Joined by guest Just Dave, a run-through of The Neverending Story is had.

I (Scott) watched this for the first time in preparation for the episode and like it, but didn’t know how dark it was.

This is pretty much spot-on:

Also, I’m the only one bothered by the death of Artax. Clearly, everyone else on this show is a monster.

Episode 61 – Home Movies From Hell – Redux

Hey there, fellow strangers! It must be your lucky day ’cause we have some words of wisdom just for you. Listen up, now, you hear? A closed mouth gathers no foot! Yep, yep. That’s right. It’s a whole lot better to say just a little bit than to say too much and wish you hadn’t. You know what we’re saying? Now, don’t you be a stranger. We got lots more to say to you. Dig what we do? Find us entertaining? Hit the Subscribe button. Leave a review. Tell your friends. Find us on IG @thatstrangeshow | |

Wicked Horror Show Interview with Brian K. Willams and James Bickert

Amazon Hot Box interview on the Wicked Horror Show

On this episode of The Wicked Horror Show, we talk with Brian K. Williams & James Bickert about their latest project Amazon Hot Box

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Deadly Grounds Coffee “Its good to get a little Deadly”

An innocent college student is tossed into a jungle hellhole where she must fight for her life against an evil wardress, psycho inmates, voodoo experiments and the incredible torture machine.

Wicked Horror Show Presents Tristan Clay Jennifer Nangle & Tommie Vegas

Tristan Clay Jennifer Nangle & Tommie Vegas Wicked Horror Show

on the Wicked Horror Show, we’re talking to director Tristan Clay along with actors Jennifer Nangle and Tommie Vegas about their upcoming film Inverted! This episode is sponsored by Deadly Grounds Coffee “Its good to get a little Deadly”

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Inverted: Set in the 70’s, a centuries-old cult known as the “Inverts” kidnap four sin bearing individuals against their will to recruit for the holy war against the second coming of Christ. From a homosexual hippie, prostitute druggie, man in drag, and a priest…they’re all deemed to be choice victims to invert through initiations that push past the most brutal boundaries.

Episode 40: After School Specials

Take a run-through of what we watched after school in the 80’s (well, 70’s for Scott). Does anyone else remember WPIX and their weird afternoon “videogame” segment?

Special guest Mike Neel joins us again. Check out his work over at Drive-In Horrorshow.

That Strange Show Gets Terrified!

On this episode we’re talking Terrifier with our special guest, Art the Clown himself, David Howard Thornton! We got down to the gory details on the newest horror sensation! Wanna know whats in his bag?? Click play! Stay Strange! Dig what we do? Find us entertaining? Hit the Subscribe button. Leave a review. Tell your friends. Find us on IG @thatstrangeshow | | – Support our Friends. Tell ’em we sent ya!

Wicked Horror Show Presents Reine Swart and Max Cerchi

Reine Swart from the Lullaby and indie director Max Cerchi Interview

On this episode we talk with actress Reine Swart about her most recent roll in the horrifying The Lullaby. Next, we talk with indie director Max Cerchi about his latest projects!

This episode is sponsored by Deadly Grounds Coffee Deadly Grounds Coffee “Its good to get a little Deadly”

Find out more on the Wicked Horror Show website.

Reine Swart is an actress and filmmaker best known for The Lullaby (2018), Die Pro (2015) and Detour (2017). Reine has played in various TV series such as Syfy’s Z Nation (2017) and Dominion (2015), BBC’s Jamillah and Aladdin (2016) and National Geographic’s Origins (2017). She also stars in The Empty Man (2018) opposite James Badge Dale. Reine is residing in the United States.

Uncork’d Entertainment gives birth to evil with the chilling The Lullaby, in theaters and VOD March 2.

Chloe is overwhelmed by the birth of her first child. The incessant crying of her baby, the growing sense of guilt and paranoia sends her into depression. With a heightened urge to protect her son, Chloe sees danger in every situation. She starts to hear voices, the humming of a childhood lullaby and sees flashes of a strange entity around her child. Convinced that the entity is real, Chloe will do everything in her power to protect her son. Is she haunted by evil or is it just the baby blues?

Reine Swart, Deànré Reiners, Thandi Puren, Brandon Auret, and Dorothy-Ann Gould star in a Darrell James Roodt film, opening in theaters across the U.S and available on VOD 3/2.