Month: February 2017

That Strange Show – Episode 007 – This Podcast Is Now Clear

They’re heeeerrreeee! Welcome to another awesome episode strangers! Tonight we jump into the deep end of the body pool and talk about everyone’s favorite family, who can’t catch a break from the spirit world, The Freelings and their beacon of a daughter Carol Anne. That’s right, fuckers, tonight we are talking about the original Poltergeist franchise! So listen in before it’s too late to save your family from the preacher who loves gettin’ around! Tonight’s Music Segment: The Verbal Surgeon – Pandemonium – Questions Unknown EP As always check out: For fly fashion and sick threads! @griimsociety For enamel pins that are on another level! @ratknife For awesome horror gear and exclusive wears! @london1888 Come guide us to the light! @thatstrangeshow Stay Strange!

Episode 12: Sitcoms

Covering mainly the 70s/80s, listen to four people you don’t know run through the incredibly broad subject of sitcoms and get it done in under 2 hours. Awww, yeah!

This show features special guest Michael Spada. Yeah, that’s right. Michael Spada.

Ep. 006 – Podcasting Is No Way To Make A Living

By the power invested in us by your tolerance for mediocrity and stupid jokes, we welcome you back strangers! We felt like Horror Comedy films don’t receive the acknowledgment they deserve in the podcast world, especially our featured film tonight “The Frighteners.” Tonight we jump into the deep end of Peter Jacksons classic ghostly comedy amongst a quick history lesson on the origins of that perfect combination of the macabre and comedy! Tonight’s featured band: As Misery Fades Song: The Hour At Hand Self released Ep YouTube ReverbNation ( iTunes ( Friends: @ratknife for amazing horror themed enamel pins! @griimsociety to get fresh threads from a solid company! Find us on IG @thatstrangeshow Facebook: Email: Stay Strange!

That Strange Show – Episode 005 – “Wouldst Thou Like Another Episode?”

Let’s admit it, religion is a scary thing. Specifically speaking, the concept of demons, the devil, hell, and gods wrath could rival any tale told by even the best horror writers and directors. This episode dives into religious themed horror films we’ve all come to know and love like The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby, and we decided to focus a lot of attention on a film that many critics and horror buffs praise, “The VVitch”. Let’s raise some hell! Music: This weeks band is none other than The Acacia Strain! Song: Delusionalsphere Album: Coma Witch Released : 2014 on Rise Records [] [] As always check out our friends and favorites! Seriously awesome horror enamel pins from Rat Knife! IG – @ratknife Insanely sick clothing and apparel from Griim! IG – @griimsociety Find us at: IG – @thatstrangeshow Thanks for hanging out with us and see ya next week fuckers! Stay Strange!

That Strange Show – Episode 004 – They’re Listening To You, Barbara

Zombies, motherfuckers! This episode is about the wonderfully gruesome world of zombies! From their original source material and superstitious voodoo beginnings to the current flesh hungry brain craving fiends we all love! From black and white pancake makeup moaners to puss dripping flesh ripping decomposing ghouls, we cover it all! Special Guest: We have a quick chat with Alexis Gonzalez the videographer behind “Spookfield” [] Band Featured: Under Song Title: Tired From: S/T For Fans Of: Floor, Codeine [] [] Friends: @griimsociety @ratknife @rocknhorrorapparel Stay Strange!