Month: November 2016

Episode 8: Amusement Parks

The topic: Amusement Parks

The fellers discuss their favorite parks, rides and other assorted memories. New England listener(s) will get some Canobie Lake Park talk.

Special guest: Kevin from The Dorkening.

The topic: Video Game Arcades

Memories of going to arcades, the games we played and general video game nerd talk. We didn’t mention the tacky, dirty space carpets most of them had.

The aforementioned carpets…

Interview with Michael St. Michaels

The gentlemen at Secret Underground Hideout spoke with the entertaining, non-bullshit artist Michael St. Michaels. Star of the Sundance hit The Greasy Strangler (among many other films, he’s been around since the 1970’s!), topics discussed include prosthetic penises, Ivory soap, hairdressing and a little bit of grease.

If you haven’t seen the film yet, it’s out on DVD, Blu-ray, Amazon, iTunes and wherever else you may get your flicks. Go, watch!

Apologies for the potato quality of some of the audio, it was our first time conducting a phone interview and we’re not the swiftest sometimes.